Returns and Exchange / Privacy Policy

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase please get in touch with us to discuss a resolution.Returned or exchanged products must be in the condition you received them and in the original box and/or packaging. No product testing allowed.

For further information on your rights as a consumer please refer to the Guidelines as Issued by the Ministry of Commerce.

Rules as per Ministry of Commerce;

The circular has defined under which circumstances the law explicitly compels shops to return or exchange products:

First: If the consumer finds that the product is defective or fails to meet the value or purpose of its intended use.

Second: The non-conformity of a product with standard specifications. For instance, a consumer buys an electrical device (iron, for example), that fails to conform to the standards issued by the Qatar General Organization for Standards and Metrology.

Third: When the item fails to meet the purpose for which it was bought.

For instance, when a consumer purchases an electronic device on the basis that it has multiple functions (a TV, mobile phone ...) and finds that some of these functions do not exist; Or when the trader fails to secure a trial/ changing room although the nature of the product requires consumers to try it before purchasing it.

The ministry has also outlined three other cases in which consumers are entitled to request a partial or full refund though these cases do not fall under the exchange and return policy as defined by the Consumer Protection law.

First: When the supplier advertises that it is selling a product at the lowest market price and the consumer finds that the same product is being sold at a lower price at another shop.

In this case, the shop should compensate the consumer for the price difference.

Second: When the dealer commits a violation such as selling consumers expired food or counterfeit car spare parts.

In this case, the consumer is entitled to exchange the defective product or request a full refund.

Third: If the consumer buys a product that doesn't comply with the terms of his agreement with the dealer.

For instance, if the delivered product is not the same as the item requested or is of a different colour than the colour mentioned on the package.

In this case, the consumer is entitled to exchange the product. If the product cannot be exchanged, the dealer has to refund the consumer.


In case the consumer finds difficulty convincing the shop to comply with the terms of the return and exchange policy, he/ she can lodge a complaints with the competent authorities at the ministry through its various communication channels.


Privacy Policy
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