Angelcare Bath Support, PINK

Removable, adjustable wedge (not needed after the 14th week) 
CocoonaBaby fitted sheet, Fleur de Coton, white 

Product details: 

CocoonaBaby is being used in baby nurseries and maternity wards, as it procures the feeling of containment it is used to, having just left the boundaries of his mother's womb, and feels comforted, reassured and will help him adapt as well as possible to his new life; The child adopts a semi-foetal, cradled posture, which reduces skin problems that could trouble the baby in its first months, reduces uncontrolled twitching of the limbs which can wake the baby up abruptly, it limits the risks of flat head syndrome, It improves both the quality and the length of time that baby sleeps and can be used day and night from birth onwards up until the time it begins to change its position independently (approx. 4-5 months)

Weight : 0.87 kg 
Dimensions: L 68 x W 40 x H 14 cm