Emma Hardie AM/PM Moisturiser 50ml

"Perfectly hydrating a.m./p.m. moisturiser for skin that craves suppleness and glow."

Combining the benefits of a facial serum and a moisturiser, this rich naturally derived treatment cream can be used morning and or at night.

Key ingredients and what they do:
Using the latest botanical enriched marine actives to help smooth, hydrate, and help restore the skins bounce and youthful appearance. Organic lavender, Geranium, and Peppermint essential oils revitalise the complexion and give a delicate aromatic spa at home like fragrance.

Key benefits of Emma Hardie AM/PM Moisturiser:
- Light texture which is easily absorbed.
- Key ingredients help to smooth restore and hydrate the skin. Perfect base for make up.
- Can be double layered.
- Can be used as a day or a night cream.
- Non greasy texture.

Cleanse the skin thoroughly and pat dry. Dispense half a pump of Emma Hardie AM/PM Moisturiser and warm between your fingertips before applying evenly all over the face and neck area, avoiding the delicate eye area. Roll, press or gently massage into the skin to encourage product penetration, this product can also be double layered if more intensive hydration is required.

Expert Tip: Apply Emma Hardie AM/PM Moisturiser to your neck, back of the neck and décolleté to maintain a healthy and glowing skin.
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