Frownies Corners Of Eyes And Mouth 144 Patches

  • Avoid Wrinkle Fillers-Smooth Wrinkles While You Sleep


    Wrinkle Treatment for Corner of Eyes and Mouth (Crow’s Feet & Marionette Lines)

    Before crow’s feet at the corner of the eyes become deep stop them with anti-wrinkle treatment Immune Perféct moisturizer and FROWNIES' Facial Patch to smooth and lift the wrinkle. These lines start as dry skin that loses its’ elasticity and progress to creases in the muscles at the corner of the eyes. For anti-aging benefits if you see lines starting to appear at the corners of your eyes be proactive moisturize religiously and smooth the skin with the patch overnight.


    How To Apply

    Application Video Here
    Crow’s feet that have been there some time so you can feel the wavy crease need to be separated by gently smoothing out the skin and applying a CEM patch over the smoothed skin. Apply the patch and leave it on at least three hours, but over night is best. After removing the patch in the morning Immune Shield is a wrinkle softening vitamin E serum to support skin integrity.


    Corner of Mouth (Marionette) Wrinkles

    If this line is left to become deep it takes a commitment to wearing the patch every night for at least 30 nights to improve the appearance. Start as soon as you notice the concern and you may be able to use the patch 3-4 nights a week to stop the progressive depth. Some women have used Under Eye Collagen building patches here to help as well. Always keep this area hydrated well with Immune Perféct before applying the corner of mouth patch.