Get ready for a brush revolution – meet our PRO EVO! The innovative style of this range is the first of its kind and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand for truly precise application. With 400,000 velvet-like synthetic fibres in each vegan friendly and cruelty free brush, you’re guaranteed a flawless finish every time.

Our PRO EVO Buffer Brush is perfect for applying foundation, primer and moisturiser. This hero product is a new cult classic, versatile and oh so effective!

We advise gently cleaning your brushes on an absorbent towel after use to preserve your brushes and avoid the build of product.

  • Spray Iconic Brush Cleanser onto the hairs of the brush
  • Supporting the head of the brush gently massage the brush in circular motions onto a tissue or towel in the palm of your hand
  • Keep cleaning the hairs until no more residue comes off on the towel. Do not submerge the brush hairs in water.
  • If necessary, reshape the brush. Leave the brush to dry for a couple of minutes and it will be cleansed & conditioned ready to use again.